New Podcast “Relationships in Progress” Moves Relationships in The Right Direction

But why would you want to share when you have no clue as to how long your relationship is going to last anyway? Your relationship with your therapist, that is. Without a map or a plan of action with measurable impact, it can feel like waiting on a marriage proposal. How much time do you want to keep investing with little to no feedback or commitment?

 If you can relate to this and would like to try something new, contact me today at (864) 270-9303. There is a different way to have relationships. My unique coupling education works and helps couples build stronger relationships that last.

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Unsure of how to attract a partner? Trying to salvage a relationship and on the brink of divorce? Can’t articulate the values and qualities of your preferred mate?

A new podcast “Relationships in Progress”, hosted by relationship coach Ingrid Sthare, BCC, ACC, CTLC takes you on her personal journey to find an ideal mate by sharing the insights of leading relationship experts from around the globe. Additional guests will include others involved with the relationship arena, including fitness trainers, fashion/wardrobe consultants, make-up/hair stylists, divorce attorneys, romantic travel specialists, sex therapists and more.

Ingrid and the podcast take you on a bold, unvarnished journey of how to find, nurture and celebrate your romantic relationship — as she seeks her own.

Ingrid specialize in high stakes relationships on the brink of divorce. Sometimes after couples have tried marriage counseling and it didn’t work, they call her.

Drawing upon over 17 years of experience working within the professional matchmaking and coaching industry and having worked with thousands of people on their relationships, Ingrid has worked with couples to help them find the spark.

With 10 years working as a professional actor and within the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and New York, Ingrid uses professional training in neuroscience and drama coaching to help others safely connect mind-body to trust their instincts.

In the first episode of the new podcast, Ingrid interviews Claudia Neumeister, M.A., Luxemburg-based, who connects couples throughout Europe. Claudia founded Luxdates (, Luxembourg’s first international Executive Dating company. Claudia explores what we “think” we want vs. what we really want. And how to get it. What are your core values? How are the specific steps to cultivate your best self and attract someone who brings that out in you?

Ingrid has been quoted by Psychology Today (, Celebrity Parenting Magazine ( and many other media outlets.

The podcast “Relationships in Progress” can be found at and at Ingrid Sthare’s website

New Podcast “Relationships in Progress” Moves Relationships in The Right Direction

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