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If you are in a high-stakes relationship and are considering divorce, please give me a call before you call an attorney.

Relationship Education

A Proven Program Based on
Your Preferences

It is time to take control of your relationship. Haven’t you waited long enough?

It may be unresolved past issues. It may be that you are just co-existing. Roommates, at best. It may be recurrent, angry arguments. Maybe you have tried counseling before and it didn’t work. Or you’re afraid to scratch the surface.

But you’ve invested way too much into this relationship in terms of time, finances and commitment to give up.

Meet Founder & Relationship Coach

Ingrid Sthare


“If you’re feeling discouraged, I know how it feels to feel helpless in a relationship. I can help. I’m glad you’re here. My name is Ingrid Sthare, and I’m a relationship coach. For the last 17 years, I’ve been helping couples nationwide just like you.”

My Relationship Journey

I worked for over 11 years in the dating industry and then began my journey learning about positive psychology and neuroscience. Working with C Suite clients, I was able to help them have better, more powerful relationships.

Creating the Program

After working with thousands of singles, I wondered, “What if people could do more with the relationship they had?” People repeated the same patterns over and over moving from one relationship to another. There were also often lingering feelings for someone from their past, but lawyers got in the way.

Do More with What You Have

Taking the time to research and truly understand how relationships are changing every single day, I developed a program for couples to help them reinvent their relationship and reignite their passion.

More Trust and Communication

Using science-based tools and techniques, the program is formulated to keep people together with more trust and communication than ever before. My program helps people move forward amicably while breaking old patterns.

A New Kind of Relationship Counseling

What I do As a relationship coach

I specialize in high-stakes relationships with a tailored framework based on positive psychology and neuroscience to save your marriage and your sanity.

Even if you’ve tried counseling before, I have a proven time-tested program producing results within six sessions.

Email or call today, and we will get on a short, 15 minute call to go over your current situation. At the end of the call, we will identify the primary areas in which your relationship is struggling and how we can fix those issues to build a wholesome and renewed relationship.

My Philosophy

One plus one equals one

One Whole Relationship

What does one plus one equals one mean? It means that there are two people in a relationship, but when those two people are working together and their relationship is functioning properly, they become one.

One whole person plus one whole person equals one whole relationship.

Individual Focus

Part of the program is spent focusing on the individual. Over time in the relationship industry, I saw that people were broken and that they don’t just need to go on to the next relationship.

Moving on to someone new is usually not the answer.  Sometimes, they must make personal adjustments for their own betterment and the betterment of their spouse.

The Transformation

I have helped many couples move forward in their lives with real joy and stronger relationships by applying the one plus one equals one philosophy. Couples generally begin to see improvements in just six sessions.

relationship coaching happy couple together

Real Relationship Solutions

My Relationship Program

Initial Evaluation

If you or your spouse are considering divorce, I can help you. We will take time to look at both sides of the problem and evaluate how we can help your marriage and make it stronger than before. I will help you gain clarity on what the next steps to take in your marriage are.

Problem-Solving Plan

The program is a life-changing investment that will transform your marriage and how you see relationships.

During the process, we will follow a time-driven plan written and designed for people just like you. The guide lays out a map of how to revitalize your mind and relationship.

The Coupling Methodology

My methodology is revolutionary, and I create a compassionate and nonjudgemental environment. There are lots of other programs being offered by counselors and institutions, but their methods are outdated.

The methods used are not being updated for relationships today that are constantly changing how they form and grow.

My coupling program has transformed the lives of couples who are at the end of the road and shown them how to reinvest in themselves and each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Relationship Coaching & Coupling?

People typically start to see results after just six sessions.

I have over 17 years experience working in the relationship industry. 
I also have certifications including:
  • Bachelor of Science in Communications from Ohio University
  • Graduate and Instructor at Life Coaching Institute, Greenville, SC
  • Board Certified Coach with Center Credentialing & Education, Inc.

Of course! The program is designed for couples to take together, but there is also a section of the course for individual one-on-one discussion.

Yes. I work with couples who are in a serious relationship and/or about to be married. Studies show that couples who work on their relationship before they get married have 30% higher success rate. Millennials are the first generation to embrace therapy and relationship work, and they are waiting longer to get married. We’ve got a program for that.

Yes. I have worked in every region of the United States. I am physically located in Greenville, South Carolina, but I work with couples nationwide.

I do offer online and virtual sessions via FaceTime or video meeting software. Even though Relationship Coaching & Coupling is based in Greenville, South Carolina, Ingrid works with clients across the country and is happy to help couples using her program over virtual chat for the same level of effectiveness. Call us today at (864) 270-9303 if you have any questions about setting up online sessions. 

One whole person plus one whole person equals one whole relationship. Each person in a relationship must make sure they themselves are where they need to be mentally and emotionally just as much as where they are with their partner.

The full program takes about one year. Shorter programs are available depending on the needs of the couple.

Sometimes you start by yourself. Then, your partner can see you are serious about getting help and looking for change. Coaching is all about progress and moving forward. You will begin to experience change and become walking evidence that there is help.

I have heard just about everything at this point, and I still love surprises. But I’ve tackled issues such as communication, financial issues, infidelity, death of a child, parenting differences, perceived distance, sexual issues, illness, trust and much more.

I am not. I am always on the side of your relationship. I believe it is one whole person plus one whole person equaling one whole relationship. After one person may be working harder and the other withholding. I will encourage both sides to work towards their one whole person.

I’m proud to say, I do.

No. I don’t diagnose you with anything, and I don’t take insurance. I believe you have the right to privacy and that most relationship issues are not mental health issues.

Save Your Marriage Today

If you have any further questions about the Coupling Methodology or would like to set up a session, please feel free to contact me at any time using the information below.

Don’t wait to save your marriage. Call today.

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If you are dealing with serious conflict in a high-stakes relationship and are considering divorce, please contact me before you contact your lawyer. Countless people just like you have taken my program and have found healing in their marriages and their relationships. Submit the form below with your information, and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Or please give me a call at (864) 270-9303.

Hear From Others

What other couples are saying about ingrid...

“But this program isn’t about doing pretty good; it’s about doing the best you can and it has permanently changed my life. I sincerely believe Ingrid’s program is unrivaled.”

– G. T.

“It was a lot of work and wasn’t cheap but priceless. We learned how to trust each other again and a have a deeper level of intimacy. Thank you for helping us save our marriage.”

– R. S.

“I knew what was at stake for the family business. We built this up over forty years. I took it seriously and was glad I could work with someone available between sessions.”

– S. J.

“We’re only two months in and we’ve already made more progress than after almost two years of counseling.”

– P. T.

“Going into anything, the inside needs to be fixed before you build. From experience, wounds need to be healed, or they reopen, fester, and ruin everything around. Thank you Relationship Coaching and Coupling and Ingrid Sthare.”

– H. C. M.

“I’m a business owner. There’s a plan with Ingrid. So we could we could see an outline before we started. It’s also private and available from our living room couch across the country.”

– W. S.

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